Green Economy and Digital Innovation

Why is an MBA in Green Economy and Digital Innovation essential to prepare executives for a Green and Digital Future?

The past decade has shown that four developments in particular are increasingly influencing entrepreneurial thinking:

  • The world is going through numerous crises that significantly affect the economy and society. Companies can no longer be simply efficiency-oriented, short-term and reactive, but must solve these situations with proactive, future-oriented and sustainable products and services.
  • The platform economy has developed into a strong and, above all, attractive counterpart to the production economy. Traditional companies also need to offer these digital products and services in order not to be absorbed.
  • The Green Agenda is increasingly challenging companies or policies that do not have an adequate concept for sustainable and socially acceptable products and services.
  • Already Generation Z (from 1995 onwards) postulates new expectations for work in companies. This new generation expects special conditions for their workplace and a qualification of their digital skills to be able to innovate in digital and green business developments for companies.

The part-time MBA program "Green Economy and Digital Innovation" is designed for five semesters of study in part-time with 12 modules including the master's thesis. The contents of the modules are designed to impart basic economic knowledge and at the same time to enable students to analyze and evaluate complex issues and to apply them to economic decision-making problems in an independent transfer capacity. In this context, a strong focus is placed on linking theory as directly as possible with business practice. This new MBA program is designed to link digital innovation with green topics (so to speak "green innovation").



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