International Management

Why should I choose this specialization?

While International Management I and International Management II include independently designed modules and, hence, can be selected separately, we suggest to join all six modules in your 5th and 6th semester as a way of acquiring an integrated view of International Management in the broadest possible context.

In addition we offer a seminar each semester with an additional focus on global topics to round off the experience and ensure that you are up to date on developments in the field that enable you to integrate theory with practice at the moment of your graduation.

You are already studying business at a university of Applied Sciences - a good choice since the whole approach of our faculty is to create a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge generally. In this specialisation, this same approach is applied across the broader spectrum of international management so making your studies globally relevant and providing you with an understanding of business management issues in disparate markets in various regions of the world.

Increasingly, we see the impact of globalisation on everyday management decision making, so studying this specialisation will provide the insights and skills necessary for you to thrive in the interdisciplinary global world. In turn, this will help you make better career assessments and to compete successfully with peers who are your future competitors in the job market.

By applying yourself to this specialisation you will stay abreast of the latest business techniques and tools whilst obtaining the cultural literacy that differentiates the most successful modern leaders.

For more information please download the introduction hand-out.

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