Academic Calender

General Academic Calender

Winter Term01 October - 14 March
Winter Term (Lecture Period): October - mid. January
Re-Registration Deadline for the next Summer Term: mid January - mid February
Exam registration: Beginning to end of November
Exam period:Mid January to mid February
Announcement of results:In general on February 14th* (if it is a weekend it will be one day earlier or later)
Lecture period end: mid. of February
All Saints day (lecture free):1 November
Christmas Holidays: December 24th including January 6th
Semester Holidays:February 15th to March 15th
Summer Term: 15 March - 30 September
Summer Term (Lecture Period): 15 March - Beginning of July
Re-Registration Deadline for the Winter Term End of July
Exam Period: Beginning to end of July
Exam Registration Period:Beginning to end of May
Announcement of results: In general on July 31st* (if it is a weekend it will be one day earlier or later)
Semester Holiday: August 1st to September 30th

Orientation Days for exchange students: 2 weeks before semester starts

Current Timetable

Please find here the Timetable of the current semester