From student to consultant in one semester!


As part of the Master's program "Digital Technology Entrepreneurship/ Business Entrepreneurship and Digital Technology Management" at the Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), students of the module “Project Study” had the opportunity to participate in Accenture's Campus Innovation Challenge within the Co-Innovation Lab of Prof. Holger Günzel between March and June 2018.


Under the motto "greater than reality", the challenge consisted of creating an idea from Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) technologies that can be used by a customer in any industry. The exciting aspect about this project was not only to create a business idea, but rather to act as an Accenture consulting team by supporting the client in expanding his business or making his processes more efficient.

Two student teams - each consisting of three students - took up this challenge. They have not only developed two great business cases with the SCRUM method, but also created a prototype and a management presentation.

One team used AR to improve navigation in Munich's public transport network. The other team developed the AR platform "cARep", which optimizes the processes in car workshops with the help of AR and thus, minimizes the costs for car insurances.

In this project the students were not only able to learn what is meant by agile work, but they could also apply it directly on their projects. In addition, each team had its own Accenture Coach (Johannes Kneitz and Maximilian Seiler), who had advised the team in any open questions.

Both teams have successfully mastered the project. The "cARep" team even had the opportunity to pitch their idea at the Accenture South Germany finale and fought hard against other students from universities all over Bavaria. Even if the team of the Munich University of Applied Sciences could not win this regional finale – unfortunately, it was lost against TU Munich -, it was a great experience for the students, as they were not only able to learn about the everyday life of a consultant, but also could expand their network with consultants and managers from Accenture.

Sylvia Kerscher – student of the Master “Business Innovation and Management Consulting” – supported the teams with a new method using agile methodology for consulting. She helped the team come up with the vision, derive personas and design user stories and work in short sprints.

Nathalia Alves, Severin Bernreuther, Chinyere Ezenwaekwo, Maximilian Hartmann, Jazon Klose and Cassandra Meneses-Galan